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Part No. MFG D/C Packing QTY Description PDF Inquiry
 YM3016  YAMAHA  13+  DIP  55650  100% 全新原装 New and original
 YM3016-D  YAMAHA  13+  DIP  55650  100% 全新原装 New and original
 YDA164B  YAMAHA  13+RoHs  QFN  78005  100% 全新原装(Brand new)
 YDA164  YAMAHA  13+RoHs  QFN  68000  100% 全新原装 (New and original)
 YDA138  Yamaha  13+RoHS  SSOP  78005  New and original in stock (全新原装现货)
 YGV629  Yamaha  13+RoHS  QFP  25789  New and original in stock (全新原装现货)
 YMF743-S  YAMAHA  13+RoHs  QFP  78005  100% 全新原装 (New and original)
 YDA139  YAMAHA  YA  SOP32  85360  100% brand new and original (100% 全新原装)
 YM6103  YAMAHA  13+  DIP-64  66600  Original全新原装进口
 YMZ280B  YAMAHA  13+RoHS  QFP64  66600  Original全新原装进口
 YMZ770B  YAMAHA  13+RoHS  QFP  26600  Original全新原装进口
 V6366C  YAMAHA  13+  PLCC84  85230  100% brand new and original (100% 全新原装)
 V6366C-J  Yamaha  13+RoHS  PLCC84  78005  New and original in stock (全新原装现货)
 YGV630  YAMAHA  14+RoHS  BGA-329  44675  原装进口 New and original
 YAS533  YAMAHA  16+ROHS  WLCSP14  472870  New and original have in stock
 YAS529  YAMAHA  16+ROHS  WLCSP  68540  New and original have in stock
 YM7306C  YAMAHA  96+  QFP  1600  原装现货original spot stock
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