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 LXY28161IL  LINGXINYU  13+  SOP-24  59888  100% brand new and original(100%全新原装)
 LXY28161  LINGXINYU  13+  SOP-24  15898  100% brand new and original(100%全新原装)
 LM5018MRX  TI  17+ROHS  SOP8  21300  原装现货original spot stock
 LM4050BIM3-5.0  TI  17+ROHS  SOT23-3  69856  原装现货original spot stock
 LM2737MTCX  NS  17+ROHS  TSSOP14  85963  原装现货original spot stock
 LN152  Panasonic  16+ROSH  DIP-2  896872  New and original
 LED 3528 BLUE  China  13+  SMD  500000  全新现货New IN Stock
 LM25085QMY  TOSHIBA  16+RoHS  PS-8  28525  专业分销TI New and original in stock
 LT8612EUDE  LT  16+RoHs  QFN-28P  28525  100%原装进口(original in stock)
 LTC4352CDD  LT  16+RoHS  QFN  3256  100%原装进口(original in stock)
 LT6105CDCB  LT  16+ROHS  DFN-6  58832  100%原装进口(original in stock)
 LTC4219CDHC-12  LT  16+RoHs  DFN16  18832  100%原装进口(original in stock)
 LED 3528 RED  China  13+  SMD  500000  全新现货New IN Stock
 LED 3528 WHITE  China  13+  SMD  500000  全新现货New IN Stock
 LED 5050 GREEN  China  13+  SMD  500000  全新现货New IN Stock
 LED 5050 RGB WHITE  China  13+  SMD  500000  全新现货New IN Stock
 LM22677TJ-ADJ  TI  17+  TO-263  32540  New and original(全新原装现货)
 LP3879MRX-1.0  TI  1619+  SOP8  5210  原装现货original spot stock
 LM3450MTX  NS  17+ROHS  TSSOP-16  7452  New and original have in stock!
 LC1D4011F7C  Schneider  17+RoHs  NA  1000  New and original have in stock!
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