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Part No.: YGV630
D/C: 14+RoHS
Packing: BGA-329
Original price: 0
QTY: 44675
Order hotline: 86755-83957301
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Description: 原装进口 New and original

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Detailed description


YGV630 YGV630-B YGV630-BZ --  Advanced Video Display Processor 8
CPU Interface 
・ 16 bits or 32 bits Data Bus width selection. 
・ Byte-write operation using WR3-0_N pin. 
・ Supports data access in both big-endian and little-endian formats. 
・ Direct drawing to the entire video memory spaces from CPU. 
・ Prepares an interrupt pin. 
・ Bus Wait and Bus Ready signal controls. 
・ A PLL for system clock generation. 
・ A PLL for dot clock generation. 
Analog Video Input 
・ 12-channel analog video input. 
・ Supports Composite Video, S-Video, and Component Video Input. (Supports NTSC(M, J, 4.43), PAL(B, D, G, H, I, M, N, CN). 
・ Supports analog RGB input (progressive scan of a dot clock 10 MHz or less only). 
・ Up to four analog RGBs. 
Digital Video Input 
・ Supports ITU-R BT.656. 
・ Supports RGB (18 bits) (A dot clock of 75MHz or lower). 
・ Supports YCrCb(16 bits). (A dot clock of 75MHz or lower) 
・ 1-channel digital RGB (18 bits) input, 1-channel YCrCb(16 bits), or 2-channel ITU-R BT.656. 
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The product that related to the YGV630
The product type that related to the YGV630
Part No. MFG D/C Packing QTY Description PDF
 YGV629  Yamaha  13+RoHS  QFP  25789  New and original in stock (全新原装现货)
 YGV630  YAMAHA  14+RoHS  BGA-329  44675  原装进口 New and original
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