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Part No.: BCM2042KFBG
D/C: 16+RoHS
Packing: BGA
Original price: 0
QTY: 89989
Order hotline: 86755-83957301
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Description: 全新原装现货New and original in stock

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Detailed description


Single-chip Bluetooth® device with fully integrated Human 
Interface Device (HID) profile and full Bluetooth stack
On-board 8051 processor and RAM/ROM memory
Custom-integrated Bluetooth core processor has been 
optimized to support the HID v1.0 profile and minimize power 
Bluetooth version 2.0 compliant including support for adaptive 
frequency hopping and fast connect
Fully integrated radio eliminates all filters and matching 
components and features a single-pin interface directly to 
Direct interface to keyboard scan matrix with full support for 
up to 8 x 20 keys and user-customizable hot keys
Integrated quadrature signal decoder to support both ball and 
optical mouse designs
Direct interface to LED and LCD displays
Drive capability to power external optoelectronics
ROM-based design eliminates external flash memories
Flash option offered to support feature development
Fully integrated low dropout (LDO) regulator provides 
direction interface to batteries
Integrated switching regulator to support external sensor and 
more to further reduce BOM cost
Available in 88-pin fpBGA and 120-pin fpBGA packages
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The product that related to the BCM2042KFBG
The product type that related to the BCM2042KFBG
Part No. MFG D/C Packing QTY Description PDF
 BCM1103KPB  BROADCOM  13+  BGA  80000  100%original全新现货
 BCM1190KQMG  BROADCOM  13+  QFP  80000  original 全新原装
 BCM1250B2K800  BROADCOM  13+RoHS  BGA  80000  original 全新原装
 BCM2042KFBG  BROADCOM  16+RoHS  BGA  89989  全新原装现货New and original in stock
 BCM2042A4KFBG  BROADCOM  13+  BGA  80000  原装现货供应 original
 BCM2045KWBG  BROADCOM  13+  BGA  80000  原装现货供应 original
 BCM2046BB1KFBG  BROADCOM  13+  BGA  80000  原装现货供应 original
 BCM2055KFBG  BROADCOM  07+  BGA  20000  原装现货original spot stock
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