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Part No.: 2SA1943
D/C: 13+
Packing: TO-3P
Original price: 4.5
QTY: 58000
Order hotline: 86755-83294757
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Description: 全新现货New IN Stock

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Detailed description



• High collector voltage: VCEO = −230 V (min) 
• Complementary to 2SC5200 
• Recommended for 100-W high-fidelity audio frequency amplifier output stage. 
包装   管件  
晶体管类型 PNP
电流 - 集电极 (Ic)(最大值) 15A
电压 - 集射极击穿(最大值) 230V
不同 Ib、Ic 时的 Vce 饱和值(最大值) 3V @ 800mA,8A
电流 - 集电极截止(最大值) -
不同 Ic、Vce 时的 DC 电流增益 (hFE)(最小值) 80 @ 1A,5V
功率 - 最大值 150W
频率 - 跃迁 30MHz
安装类型 通孔
封装/外壳 TO-3PL
供应商器件封装 TO-3P(L)





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The product that related to the 2SA1943
The product type that related to the 2SA1943
Part No. MFG D/C Packing QTY Description PDF
 2SA1943  TOSHIBA  13+  TO-3P  58000  全新现货New IN Stock
 2SA1208  SANYO  13+  TO-92L  98565  100% brand new and original(100%全新原装)
 2SA1937  SOT-252  13+  TOS  59888  100% brand new and original(100%全新原装)
 2SA473  TOSHIBA  13+RoHs  TO-220  323200  100% 全新原装(Brand new)
 2SA1746  SANKEN  13+RoHs  TO-3P  52000  100% 全新原装(Brand new)
 2SA1774TLR  ROHM  13+RoHs  SOT-523  55550  100% 全新原装(Brand new)
 2SA1980  AUK  13+  Standard  47247  全新原装 Original
 2SA1980S  AUK  13+  Standard  47247  全新原装 Original
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