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Part No.: JS1F-5V-F
MFG: Panasonic Panasonic
D/C: 13+RoHS
Packing: DIP
Original price: 6
QTY: 68000
Order hotline: 86755-83957301
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Description: 全新原装正品现货(New and original in stock)

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Detailed description

 JS1F-5V-F - 1a/1c 10A cubic type power relays Surge voltage 6 kV type also available - Panasonic Semiconductor

• Miniature size with universal terminal 
• High contact capacity: 10 A
• TV-5 type available (Standard type)
1 Form A type → TV-5
1 Form C type → TV-5 (N.O. side only)
• VDE, TÜV also approved
• Sealed construction for automatic 
cleaning (Standard type)
• Class B and F coil insulation type 
also available.
• EN60335-1 GWT compliant (Tested 
by VDE) type available
• Surge voltage 6 kV type also 
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The product that related to the JS1F-5V-F
The product type that related to the JS1F-5V-F
Part No. MFG D/C Packing QTY Description PDF
 JS1F-5V-F  Panasonic  13+RoHS  DIP  68000  全新原装正品现货(New and original in stock)
 JS1F-5V  Panasonic  13+RoHS  DIP  68000  全新原装正品现货(New and original in stock)
 JS1A-12V-F  Panasonic  13+  DIP  63555  Original 原装现货
 JS1A-12V  Panasonic  13+  DIP  63555  Original 原装现货
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