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Part No.: RT8011APQW
D/C: 13+RoHS
Packing: QFN
Original price: 15
QTY: 45520
Order hotline: 86755-83957301
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Description: 原装现货Brand new in stock

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Detailed description

 RT8011APQW - 2A, 4MHz, Synchronous Step-Down Regulator - Richtek Technology Corporation

 High Efficiency : Up to 95%
 Low RDS(ON) Internal Switches : 110mΩ
 Programmable Frequency : 300kHz to 4MHz
 No Schottky Diode Required
 0.8V Reference Allows Low Output Voltage
 Forced Continuous Mode Operation
 Low Dropout Operation : 100% Duty Cycle
 Synchronizable Switching Frequency (For RT8011
 Power Good Output Voltage Monitor (For RT8011
 RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free
 Portable Instruments
 Battery-Powered Equipment
 Notebook Computers
 Distributed Power Systems
 IP Phones
 Digital Cameras
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The product that related to the RT8011APQW
The product type that related to the RT8011APQW
Part No. MFG D/C Packing QTY Description PDF
 RT8015AGQW  RICHTEK  13+  WDFN-10L  90996  100% 全新原装 New and original
 RT8205BGQW  RICHTEK  13+  WQFN4x4-24  29653  100% 全新原装 New and original
 RT8120FGSP  RICHTEK  1425+  SOP8  11278  原装现货original spot stock
 RT8011APQW  RICHTEK  13+RoHS  QFN  45520  原装现货Brand new in stock
 RT8012AGQW  RICHTEK  16+  WQFN-16  23560  原装现货Brand new in stock
 RT8016-13GQW  RICHTEK  14+RoHs  QFN-6  145000  专业分销RICHTEK original in stock
 RT8058GQW  RICHTEK  13+  WQFN16  12500  专业分销RICHTEK original in stock
 RT8250GSP  RICHTEK  13+  SOP8  15100  100%全新原装new and original
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